Day Old Chick Trading

Day Old Chick Trading

We specialize in sourcing and delivering top-quality day-old chicks to farmers and poultry enthusiasts alike. Our chicks are carefully selected from trusted hatcheries, ensuring superior genetics, health, and vitality from the very start.

Reasons to purchase from us…
  • Healthy Start: Our chicks receive the utmost care from hatching to delivery, ensuring they begin their lives in the best possible conditions.
  • Genetic Excellence: We partner with reputable hatcheries to bring you day-old chicks with superior genetics, setting the foundation for strong and productive flocks.
  • Diverse Selection: Whether you need broilers, layers, or specialty breeds, we offer a wide range of day-old chicks to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Expert Support: Our team of poultry experts is here to provide guidance and support, helping you raise your chicks with confidence and success.
  • Convenient Delivery: We make it easy for you to receive your day-old chicks promptly and hassle-free, right at your doorstep.
Experience the thrill of nurturing and witnessing the growth of your flock from day one. With Bengtak Poultry, your journey to poultry excellence begins here. Start your adventure today!

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